1. "…there was no turning back to comfort again. Only a lifetime of defeats, more or less spectacular…"




  3. I took this photo because I loved a girl one time.


  4. "Our history’s a vacant lot littered with empty bank accounts, sobbing parents, broken bones, glorious songs, lengthy prison terms, a handful of moments that were truly our own."



  6. These people in Clarksville bought us dinner then let us sleep inside a church, which was rad because it was raining. Of course I stayed up after the others went to bed and drank at the altar.


  7. Half drunk, eating pizza on the ground in a junk yard, listening to “Jesus Does the Dishes” by Wingnut Dishwasher’s Union, in some city in Missouri I’ll never remember the name of, was the happiest I’d felt in a long time.


  8. tannerballengee:

    Sean & Jason, Kansas City, 2014


  9. Skateboarding in Memphis in hopes of finding water and gasoline and hopefully beer. At the gas station we met a man with a big bump on his forehead that asked us, “How many peanut butter sandwiches you eat in a day?”


  10. Get Shot! at The Boobie Trap - Topeka, KS May 2013


  11. "The good don’t die young, they just haven’t had time to fuck up the same as the rest of us yet."


  12. some skateboard tricks I landed back in 08-09 


  13. Went out for Tyler’s birthday last night to some fancy bar that had $2 “mystery beers” and a photo booth.


  14. "But if we aren’t dead yet, then let’s not live as ghosts."


  15. "Sunrise, sunset, that’s all I really gotta know. The rest is a prison that I build for myself."