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  2. This was the first time we ever went busking. It was in Lawrence, KS. We were sitting on a bench and this dude came skating by and sat down next to us and said, “You guys wanna get fuckin’ drunk?” and of course we said “YUUUPPPP!”

    He pulled out a giant bottle of vodka from his backpack and took a slug of it. He looked like Jeffrey Dahmer but his name was Will. He said that he stopped because he thought we were “train hoppers” and saw my Johhny Hobo patch. We told him about Yak Bastard and he immediately wanted in. So we went to his friend’s house so he could steal his guitar. 

    When we posted up he started playing Leftover Crack covers. He and Conner took turns playing while I just sang along and drank beer. People started to gather around us and some actually started giving us money….until Will started playing GG Allin’s “Expose Yourself to Kids.” Then people stopped giving us money.

    We made about 8 bucks, then spent all of it on adderall from some chick we’d just met. Will told us he was going to come back to Topeka with us and live in our house and help us finish the album. 

    Back at the Yak Haus I passed out immediately and woke up the next morning to find both Will and Conner asleep on the living room floor surrounded by beer cans with this song finished and recorded. 


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  4. "W.W."

    From my sketchbook zine.


  5. My new board and my sticker job before I ruined it with my remarkable noseslide capabilities.


  6. RIP Oderus. 

    From my sketchbook zine.


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    At some notorious bar in Natchez, LA. I forgot the name of it and I’m too lazy to look it up. We met the Canadian Canoers and Paddle Forward crew here and we all partied! And someone brought a big dog!

    Yo, this is my cousins band Mojo Mudd. They are super cool!

    ^That’s pretty cool! The band was good. And some old guy that they just referred to as “The Godfather” got on stage with them and sang “House of the Rising Sun” and the crowd went wild. 


  8. When I was 12, I watched this bully named Adrian take this mentally challenged kid’s skateboard and purposely break it. A couple years ago Adrian was shot and killed in his own front lawn. Good riddance, you fuckin’ prick.


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  10. I know how sad you get.



  12. Yak groupies. Signed my first titty


  13. Sometimes I hear things over phone conversations or eavesdrop on strangers and write down what I hear…


  14. Every Christmas when I go back to Kansas to visit, I take this same photo. This is year 3. 


  15. A few weeks ago this girl I met refused to believe that I used to be in a band. Here’s a photo of me in a band. 

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