1. "I know it’s hard to give a shit sometimes, but promise me we’ll always try."


  2. “No one’s gonna stop you from dying young, and miserable, and right.
    If you want something better, you gotta put that shit aside.”


  3. Conner and I were sitting in the boat drinking beer, moored to some poles underneath a casino hanging over the side of the river, when we saw two tiny canoes in the distance paddling towards us. We peeled our eyes away from the girls bathing in the river downstream and started making yelping noises to get the canoers’ attention. Once we noticed that they were paddling towards us, I shouted “Want some beer?” They graciously accepted and boarded our vessel.

    I had no idea they would be so good looking.

    Meet the Canadian canoers: Angharad, Tristan, Avalon, and Adrian. They traversed the Mississippi from Chicago, IL to New Orleans, LA, then the middle couple split and took off in a sail boat to South America! And then rode bikes across the country!

    These are some truly amazing folks and I’ll never forget them and the week we spent together. Read about their travels here

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  4. tannerballengee:

    Here is my new modified zine of short-short stories. It’s available here for a few dollars. In an attempt to entice you into purchasing it, I’m going to give a one sentence synopsis for each of the 10 short stories that are included in it:

    1. A guy receives a handjob in front of a second-story window.
    2. A kid gets caught jacking off but doesn’t know who caught him.
    3. A doctor finds out his wife has cancer the day before her birthday.
    4. An alcoholic buys a bottle of wine from a talkative old man. 
    5. A man relates his failing relationship to his tattoo.
    6. Two guards realize that prisoners have escaped from an underwater prison. 
    7. A college student tries to write a paper while his roommates and exgirlfriend are drinking in the other room. 
    8. A dialogue between a young man arguing with his girlfriend. 
    9. A student recalls a scene of despair in his past life amidst a class lecture. 
    10. A boy purposely cuts his arm open and lets two gothic teens taste his blood. 

  5. "Just like that it was winter again here in the desert.
    In June, our house was empty.
    In September it’s full of house guests. 
    They’re too punk, or I’m too punk, for words to come out
    sitting here in the living room of our beautiful, broken-down house.”


  6. Are there any people with skills in graphic design / photoshop that would be interested in designing a cover for my new zine?


  7. Wastoid wishin’ she was me. Last weekend ruled, so hyped I got to see (almost) all the homies!


  8. "my friend William came to me with a message of hope.
    It went: ‘Fuck you and everything that you think you know.
    If you don’t step outside the things that you believe
    They’re gonna kill you.’”


  9. In Natchez, LA we made a beer run to the closest gas station to buy more “giant cans” (32 oz. Miller High Life) because they kept getting cheaper and cheaper the more south we got. And they were fun to crush after we finished them (crushing every can became one of our new travel rules).

    I literally almost ran into this guy as we both reached for the same beer. After stepping back we realized that we were all purchasing the same exact beer and all wearing filthy, white clothes

    After talking to him, we learned that he was (obviously) a painter, but we kept saying that he was a “potential member of Yak Bastard.” He was a nice guy and we were so hyped on the coincidence that I bought his beer for him, and asked to take a photo.

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  11. Scenes from Natchez, LA.



  13.  ”…if freedom means doing what you want (well), don’t you gotta want something? and won’t you tell me that we want something more than just more beer?”

    Ben Hlavacek and a flight of beers, in some small town outside of Emporia, Kansas.


  14. Tyler and Cheeto playing with rent money.


  15. Burning down the churches will not end our peril, but all the extra wood will light a thousand barrels.