1. I was really excited to get to Minneapolis but when we got there it was raining and we didn’t have a place to stay and everyone hated each other and that was sucky. 

    We left the next day and got to St. Paul that night. This party boat started yelling at us so I threw up the “shakka” and all these girls on board started cheering and I laughed hard and it was the happiest I’d felt in awhile. St. Paul was really pretty at night from the river. Then it rained super hard and we got soaked and slept under a bridge next to the tracks. 


  2. We got drunk off this huge jug of Captain Morgan that our new friend in Brainerd (MIKE) gave us before we left. We built a fire and slept by it. We headed out the next morning and made another 30 mile day. Another random town. We walked to a Burger King to charge our phones and eat veggie burgers. I called my girlfriend really hoping she would answer but was not surprised when she didn’t. We walked back and slept under a tree behind a sign that said “No Camping.” The next morning I texted two friends that live in Arizona saying I wanted to come visit when the trip was over. 


  3. For some reason I didn’t take a damn photo in St. Cloud. But that was where the group split up. So me and Conner took off the next day. After a bunch of unproductive 10-15 mile days in a row, we were able to paddle over 30 miles in about 5-6 hours. We stopped at some random town when it got dark.

    I was at the canoe getting some stuff to eat and this lady and her son came up to me and starting asking me a bunch of questions. After I told her what we were doing she got stoked and asked to take a photo of me. I felt weird but said yes. Luckily Conner came down to say whats up and save me from the awkward conversation. 

    We talked with her for a long time. Apparently she was an ex-drug addict and a widow and spent some time in prison. You’d never be able to tell though. She found God and really loved her son and I think she loved me and Conner too. She bought us Chipotle. I think I loved her too. 





  7. page from my journal 2010


  8. Here’s an article that I wrote for Fecal Face.


  9. This man’s jeans slowly turn into grass.

    (Source: tb-photography)


  10. We camped on this island in Minnesota. It’s hard to see but that sign says “Topeka Island.” Kinda neat.

    (Source: tb-photography)






  15. This bridge had graffiti on it that said “Allah is gay”.

    (Source: tb-photography)