1. It’s my ex-girlfriend’s birthday today.¬†

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  2. I was trying this gap to nose manual at a skatepark and it was taking me awhile, and every time I would drop in I would say what’s up to this kid that was sitting by the ramp. On one of the tries I said “If I don’t land this, you owe me $5.” After I didn’t land it, I said “hey dude you owe me 5 bucks!” and he just laughed. When we left I made him say “surfbort” then gave him a handful of change. His name was Manny.


  3. The hottest couple in the desert.


  4. semi-recent iPhone images


  5. Deven lost a bet and had to tattoo “crack life” on himself.


  6. "…shake the gates of hell until you’re free."


  7. tannerballengee:

    Tyler in Kansas, 2012

    Give me that shirt 

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  8. 5 people (including me) in the cabin of one boat, all reading books. Nerds.


  9. Happy belated birthday to my friend Chance. Cheers bud.


  10. Let’s make some memories ‘cause I forgot the last 3 years.


  11. Caleb doing a feeble in Tucson.


  12. Conner being a bad kid. I forgot where this was taken.


  13. "In between desperate gasping for air worth breathing and times worth living in."


  14. Spelled YAK in driftwood and lit it on fire. It wasn’t as totally rad as we thought it was going to be.


  15. "…there was no turning back to comfort again. Only a lifetime of defeats, more or less spectacular…"